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Google Confronts Climate Change Misinformation

Google Confronts Climate Change Misinformation

Google has updated their ads and monetization policy when it comes to content related to climate change.
Josue Perez, Student Writer October 13, 2021

Last Thursday Google announced they were updating their ad and monetization policy in an effort to try to combat climate change misinformation. The new policy comes after advertisers expressed concerns...

Legacy Man, Houstons own Rollerblading Musician

“Legacy Man”, Houstons own Rollerblading Musician

October 13, 2021

At the beginning of the year, word started spreading of a man, "Legacy Man", who would play music while on rollerskates. The talk started in the Heights but later spread to the greater Houston Area. Derek...

Britney Spears Road To Freedom

Britney Spears Recent Court hearing may lead to long awaited freedom from her father.
Charis Latunde, Student Writer September 29, 2021

Britney Spears fans continue to pledge their full support behind Britney today, as they rally in front of the courthouse today in a masked protest to free Britney hence the #FreeBritney movement. All eyes...

Newest Fashion Pop-Ups in Houston

Newest Fashion Pop-Ups in Houston

September 27, 2021

The Houston Galleria is a hub for so many things, they offer food, fashion, and an experience that only Houston can give. Due to its size and popularity, the Galleria has attracted fashion pop-ups from...

Pushing Facebook to Abandon Instagram for Kids

Pushing Facebook to Abandon Instagram for Kids

Lawmakers are once again pushing Facebook to abandon the development of a new version of Instagram that is meant to target children under thirteen.
Josue Perez, Student Writer September 22, 2021

The renewed demand to push Facebook into abandoning the development of Instagram for kids comes after The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this month revealing Facebook’s in-depth research...

Netflix Movie Walkthrough: The Ritual

Juliana Rivas July 10, 2021

Netflix started to create its own movies for a change. Most Netflix Originals are consistently not very good but shockingly, this 2018 Netflix original happens to be enjoyable. This Netflix horror film...

Netflix Movie Walkthrough: The Silence

Juliana Rivas July 9, 2021

Are the movies on Netflix any good? Especially in the horror genre. I don't know about you, but it's been some time since I've genuinely been satisfied with a horror movie from Netflix. So, imagine...

Netflix Movie Walkthrough: The Strangers-Prey at Night

Juliana Rivas July 9, 2021

It’s so disappointing when companies value quantity over quality. Netflix is the first that comes to mind, with their large quantity of movies but the majority are of poor quality. Netflix can provide...

New Nintendo Switch model is announced, but fans still get disappointed!!!

Trung Tran, Student July 7, 2021

Nintendo just announced a new model of the popular Nintendo Switch, named Nintendo Switch OLED. Despite rumors, the new model will only have minor upgrades like a new OLED screen, enhanced audio (according...

Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Update

Rebecca Rathbun, Staff Writer July 2, 2021

Caves and Cliffs is the first major update for Minecraft that has been split in two. The first part of the update is 1.17, released earlier this month on June 8.  Part two is 1.18, scheduled to be released...

Chris Rock’s role in “Spiral” shows a gradual shift in his career from funny man to serious man

Ahmad Armstrong July 2, 2021

Comedian, Chris Rock, distinguishes a more serious side to his acting in the 9th “Saw” franchise series, “Spiral”. In the film, he plays a detective named Zeke, who investigates cop killings committed...

Game price soaring during the pandemic!!!

Trung Tran, Student July 2, 2021

Over the last 2 years, price of retro games have been sky-rocketing to the point that has never been seen before. Usually there’s a time period before the game starts to rise in price, which is 10~15...

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