HCC Students Take on “The Boogeyman”

Ateshi Singh, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, May 23, thirteen HCC students attended a 20-Century-Studios-produced special screening of the upcoming feature film, The Boogeyman, at Regal Edwards Cinema. Loosely based off its namesake short story written by Stephen King, The Boogeyman revolves around two sisters who are grieving the loss of their mother while their somewhat negligent father is dealing with his own pain. As this familial conflict exacerbates, a frightening entity lounges and lurches in the dark corridors of their house.

Directed by Rob Savage and led by a stellar performance from Yellowjackets-fame Sophie Thatcher, The Boogeyman displays its own narrative that only somewhat runs in parallel with Stephen King’s story. On a surface level, the story seems straightforward. Two girls sense the presence of a monster. Nobody believes them. So, they decide to take matters in their own hands. However, Savage has purposely illustrated a seemingly simplistic narrative of the Boogeyman to highlight the emotional conflict –and growth– the primary characters undergo. Overall, the movie strives to maintain an undertone of consistent tension. The first half of this horror flick sets a gripping foundation for an action-packed, albeit predictable, second half. Being a much more sanitized version than its source material, the film is strategically designed to appeal to various age demographics.

HCC sophomore Igor Lucic says, “The story was pretty good because it was fast paced and adventurous. It was also really easy to get drawn to the characters. Overall, really immersive experience.” Another HCC sophomore, Erkyah Smith, says, “I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies, but I do like a good plot which is exactly what this movie gave me… the mystery of the boogeyman…the story of how he found his victims… even the ending left me in absolute wonder. This movie was amazing in my opinion, and I would watch it again and recommend everyone else to watch it.”

The Boogeyman, directed by Rob Savage and starring Sophie Thatcher, releases exclusively in theaters worldwide on June 2.