The Egalitarian

Associates Degree and its Value

Chonte Crewsaw, Student May 10, 2021

Education on any level can be difficult.  Once young graduates have completed high school, they have many options on how to move forward with their lives.  The traditional idea for most is to move from...

Are Fans in Baseball Stadiums a Good Idea?

Chonte Crewsaw, Student April 11, 2021

Spring time is among us and it is the beginning of a great segway into America’s favorite passtime, baseball and  in the words of Ultimate Fighting Championship cage announcer “It’s Time!  We’ve...

Houston Food Bank mobile delivery provides relief.

Texas Freeze Affects Food Banks Weeks Later

Food Banks suffer from limited produce weeks after recent Texas freeze.
Jdron Davis, Student March 29, 2021

As if the ongoing pandemic hasn’t already been a detrimental occurrence leaving millions to suffer through unprecedented circumstances, the recent winter storm in Texas wreaked havoc upon even more citizens...

Biden and the Border Crisis

Can the Biden Administration Gain Control of the Border?
Chonte Crewsaw, Student March 28, 2021

1933 miles stretching from the pacific ocean to the tip of southern Texas; this is the distance of the border that connects the United States and Mexico.  A close eye has been kept on this section of...

Biden Administrations answer to Student Loan Forgiveness

Chonte Crewsaw, Student March 22, 2021

It is graduation day, and you are finally happy to be done with high school education and move on to that next stage of education.  First year college students are going to pay between $10,900 and $35,650...

Akil Head,

A Principle’s Thoughts on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Pandemic Silver Lining

Brizeyda Monterroso March 21, 2021

On March 2, 2021, the acting secretary of the Department of the Health and Human Services, Norris Cochran, issued a directive requiring all COVID-19 vaccine providers who are administering the vaccine...

The 2021 Houston Winter Storm

Edirin Akonoghrere, Student March 10, 2021

Many hoped that the year 2021 will bring a new beginning full of new opportunities and more hope in conquering COVID-19. To the greatest surprise of many Houstonians, a winter storm, which no one...

The Effects of Social Distancing on Mental Health

Edirin Akonoghrere, Student March 10, 2021

The whole world has been on lockdown since the advent of the corona virus disease. A new disease unknown to many of our top scientists and new to the rest of the world. The deadly disease wiping out populations...

The Influence of Social Media on the Events of 2020

Edirin Akonoghrere, Student March 10, 2021

The year 2020 is a remarkable year in history. This year the world experience its first pandemic since the Spanish flu in 1916. The pandemic affected life as we know it and impacted on human socialization....

Macqueline Fontenettwoods Graduation Story

Stephanie Medrano December 9, 2020

Graduating is a big thing graduating during a pandemic is huge.  So I interviewed Macqueline to giver perspective into what it feels to graduate during this time. She is from Los Angeles, California...

A Look Into Tarsha Kellys Graduation

A Look Into Tarsha Kelly’s Graduation

Joel Valdes, Staff Writer December 9, 2020

As the semester comes to a close, another set of students is ready to graduate from HCC. During this time it is important to take a look at the variety of people who attend this college, and one of them...

Our Graduate Glad

Our Graduate Glad

Rhiannon Brast December 3, 2020

With Covid being so prevalent we want to honor the graduates here at HCC who have put in so much hard work and dedication to get to their degree! I am getting my certificate in vocational nursing. The...

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