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How To Be Productive?

How To Be Productive?

Bema Kalys kyzy, Student Writer December 8, 2021

No one would argue that the 21st century came too quickly and changed too much in our lives. New achievements, great discoveries, different faces… It is not that difficult to drown in the endless flow...

5 Time Management Hacks

5 Time Management Hacks

Bema Kalys kyzy, Student Writer December 8, 2021

 Recently I have been hearing more and more often phrases like “I need more hours in a day”. People jam their schedules, weekends, and vacations, but they still feel they have no time. Time management...

Nigerian Igbo Wedding

Diep Chau December 1, 2021

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most cultured countries. Nigeria has been able to cling to its traditions despite the pressure to be influenced by western culture. Nigeria’s culture and traditions...

Diwali Festival

Diep Chau November 23, 2021

Diwali is one of the most common and most celebrated Indian festivals. MacMillan (2008) defines Diwali as a festival of lights that is a celebration of Rama’s defeat of Ravana, an evil spirit. Diwali...

The Native American culture in America

Diep Chau November 19, 2021

The Native American culture in America consists of hundreds of distinct ethnicities. American Indians in Ames, even though they come from various groups, retain many cultural and historical qualities....

What is a African American’s civilization?

Diep Chau and November 19, 2021

African American Community, often associated with U.S life, has had several impacts and achievements on other civilizations. Starting with innovations, moving on to haircuts, fashion, and groundbreaking....

Associates Degree and its Value

Chonte Crewsaw, Student May 10, 2021

Education on any level can be difficult.  Once young graduates have completed high school, they have many options on how to move forward with their lives.  The traditional idea for most is to move from...

Are Fans in Baseball Stadiums a Good Idea?

Chonte Crewsaw, Student April 11, 2021

Spring time is among us and it is the beginning of a great segway into America’s favorite passtime, baseball and  in the words of Ultimate Fighting Championship cage announcer “It’s Time!  We’ve...

Houston Food Bank mobile delivery provides relief.

Texas Freeze Affects Food Banks Weeks Later

Food Banks suffer from limited produce weeks after recent Texas freeze.
Jdron Davis, Student March 28, 2021

As if the ongoing pandemic hasn’t already been a detrimental occurrence leaving millions to suffer through unprecedented circumstances, the recent winter storm in Texas wreaked havoc upon even more citizens...

Biden and the Border Crisis

Can the Biden Administration Gain Control of the Border?
Chonte Crewsaw, Student March 28, 2021

1933 miles stretching from the pacific ocean to the tip of southern Texas; this is the distance of the border that connects the United States and Mexico.  A close eye has been kept on this section of...

Biden Administrations answer to Student Loan Forgiveness

Chonte Crewsaw, Student March 22, 2021

It is graduation day, and you are finally happy to be done with high school education and move on to that next stage of education.  First year college students are going to pay between $10,900 and $35,650...

Akil Head,

A Principle’s Thoughts on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Pandemic Silver Lining

Brizeyda Monterroso March 21, 2021

On March 2, 2021, the acting secretary of the Department of the Health and Human Services, Norris Cochran, issued a directive requiring all COVID-19 vaccine providers who are administering the vaccine...

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