Charles D. Taylor, Student Writer

From the 2018 blockbuster film ” The Black Panther “, comes the 2nd installment in the franchise series titled ” Wakanda Forever ” where the citizens of Wakanda are dealing with a situation involving “T’ Challa, King of Wakanda(Chadwick Boseman) who is dying from an illness.

His sister “Shuri”(Letitia Wright) is desperately trying to find an cure to help “T Challa ” by creating a ” heart shaped herb “, but unfortunately, ” T Challa” did not survive. It’s now one year later, and Wakanda is under a lot of pressure from other countries to share their secret regarding vibranium, with some countries even attempting to steal it by force.

“Queen Ramonda “(Angela Bassett ) tells ” Shuri ” to continue her reasearch on the ” heart shaped herb ” in hopes of creating a new black panther, that, will defend Wakanda, but having her doubts, she refuses, due to her belief that the black panther is a figure of the past.  Both the CIA and U.S. Navy Seal’s use a vibranium – detecting machine trying to locate a potential       vibranium deposit underwater. Their expedition came under attack and killed by a group of blue skinned water breating superhumans led by ” Namor ” ( Tenoch Huerta ) with the CIA believing Wakanda to be responsible for the attack.

Easily bypassing  Wakanda’s advanced security, ” Namor ” had confronted ” Ramonda ” and ” Shuri “, blaming Wakanda for the vibranium race, giving Wakanda an ultimatum, deliver to hime the scientist responsible for the vibranium – detecting machine or Wakanda will be attacked. ” Shuri ” and ” Okoye ” ( Dani Gurira ) both learn that the scientist in question is MIT student ” Riri Williams ” ( Dominique Thorne ) from CIA agent ” Everett K. Ross ” ( Martin Freeman ) and went to confront her. Later the group is pursued by the FBI and then by ” Namor’s ” warriors, who defeat ” Okoye ” before taking ” Shuri ” and ” Williams ” underwater to meet ” Namor “. ” Queen Ramonda strips ” Okoye ” of her title as general after becoming angered byt the failure of ” Okoye ” to protect ” Shuri “.

” Queen Ramonda ” seeks out assistance from ” Nakia ” ( Lupita Nyong’o ) who has been living in Haiti since ” Thanos’ attack ” on Wakanda. While showing his vibranium  – rich underwater kindom of Talokan to ” Shuri “, ” Namor ” proposes an alliance with Wakanda against the rest of the world but also threatens to destroy Wakanda first if they refuse. ” Nakia ” helps ” Shuri ” and ” Williams ” escape, and ” Namor ” retaliates with an attack against Wakanda during which ” Queen Ramonda ” drowns while saving ” Williams “. The citizens of Wakanda relocate to the Jabari Mountains for safety concerns, after ” Namor ” vows to return in a week with his full army.

Meanwhile agent Ross was arrested by his ex – wife and CIA director, Valentina De Fontaine ( Julia Louis – Dreyfus ) for security exchanging classified intelligence with the Wakandans. After the funeral of ” Queen Ramonda “, ” Shuri ” uses a remnant of the herb that gave ” Namor’s ” people their superhuman abilities to re construct the heart shaped herb. After ingesting it, ” Shuri ” gains superhuman abilities, she dons a new black panther suit and is accepted by the other Wakandan tribes as the black panther.

Despite pleas for peace from M’ Baku ” ( Winston Duke ) ” Shuri ” is determined to exact vengeance on ” Namor ” for ” Queen Ramonda’s death and orders an immediate counter attack on Talokan. While preparing for battle, ” Ayo ” ( Florence Kasumba ) assumes the position of general of the Dora Milaje, ” Shuri ” bestiws the midnight angel armor upon ” Okoye “, who in turn recrutis Dora Milaje member ” Aneka ” ( Michaela Coel ) to join her. ” Riri Williams ” creates an Iron Man – Esque powered exoskeleton to help aid the Wakandans.

The Wakandans lured ” Namor ” and his warriors to surface for battle by using a seafaring vessel. ” Shuri ” traps ” Namor ” in a fighter aircraft, intending to dry him out and weaken him. The pair crashes on a desert beach and fight. ” Shuri ” gains the upper hand, but realizes the similarities between their paths and implores ” Namor ” to yield, offering him a peaceful alliance. ” Namor ” accepts, and the battle ends.

” Namor ” reassures his cousin ” Namora ” ( Mabel Cadena ) who was upset at ” Namor’s ” SURRENDER, THAT THE NEW ALLIANCE WITH Wakanda will allow them to conquer the surface world one day. ” Riri Williams ” returns to MIT, Leaving her suit behind, while ” Okoye ” rescues agent Ross from captivity.