Charles D. Taylor, Student Writer

Terror has once again spread throughout the fictitious town of Haddonfield as “Halloween Ends ” with the question that has many horror movie fans asking themselves, ” Is this the last and final end of slasher “Michael Myers / The shape”(Played by actor James Jude Courtney) or the continuation of more “Halloween” movies to come in the foreseeable future. The movie begins when a married couple who were invited to a Halloween costume party had asked for a babysitter “Corey Campbell “(Played by actor Rohan Campbell) to come over to their residence and watch their son while they attended the party. While watching a horror movie, the son, “Jeremey” was voicing his displeasure of having Corey over at the house to babysit him and while Corey was in the kitchen getting a piece of cake to eat, mysteriously Jeremey had disappeared from the living room area of the house and shortly thereafter, strange and unusual sound’s depicting Jeremey’s voice were coming from a locked closet door.

As Corey went to investigate, he himself was trapped, and wasn’t able to rescue Jeremey, who moment’s later had fallen straight down from the top of the stairs of the house, onto his back, where he was dead with Corey finally able to free himself looking down on Jeremey from the top of the staircase. By this time, the parents had returned from the Halloween party and had seen the aftermath of all that happened. Corey was shortly thereafter arrested and taken into police custody for the circumstances surrounding Jeremey’s death.

Years later, Corey was released back into society, although this time being harassed and ridiculed by the town residents as he was trying to put what happened behind him and move forward with his life but he was finding it hard and difficult. During this same time we also see both “Laurie Strode”(Played by actress Jamie Lee Curtis) and “Allyson”(Played by actress Andi Mati Chak) still trying to adjust to life without the terror of Michael Myers lurking over them.

In the process, both Allyson and Corey meet for the first time and instantly became attracted to one another despite of Allyson knowing Corey’s past history, and also to the objection from Laurie Strode. Corey had started developing both strange and evil thoughts including the history of Michael Myers and all of the terror that he brought to Haddonfield, but Corey still seemed fascinated and wanted to find out more information about the evil ways of Michael Myers.

One evening Corey was confronted and harassed by a small local group of teenagers at a bridge and minutes later was thrown from off the top of the bridge laying unconscious. Thinking that he was dead, the teenagers had left the scene, but in reality, a strange turn of events had unfolded as Corey found himself in a “makeshift underground tunnel” setting coming face to face with Michael Myers, who chose to spare his life instead of killing him. Corey was confused as to what was going on with Michael Myers, but at the same time also was fascinated because he thought that he could somehow deal with the community in Haddonfield who had been harassing him since the babysitting tragedy incident from years ago.

Towards the end of the movie, Corey tried unsuccessfully to end the life of Laurie Strode while at the same time, Michael Myers was taking revenge for Corey, one by one, killing those who were harassing him. Corey had died while confronting Laurie, setting up the climatic showdown between Laurie and Michael Myers.  With an Assist from Allyson, Michael Myers was killed at the end of the movie. With the help of The Haddonfield Community, Laurie and Allyson had disposed the corpse of Michael Myers at a waste disposal compactor site.

While sitting at her desk finishing her memoir, Laurie was reading over her work and made a statement, “Evil Never Dies, It Just Comes Back In A Different Shape”.

The Main question remains, is this the last and final chapter in the Halloween horror franchise, or will Michael Myers Return and terrorize the residents of Haddonfield once again?