The silver linings of the pandemic

Taliah Richards

Like many other people, I’ve done my share of complaining these past several months. I’ve whined about being stuck inside for my birthday, a missed vacation, not being able to do the things I would normally do, and much more. Although we’re all going through tough times, try to look for the positives in the situation. Now, by no means am I saying we shouldn’t take this pandemic seriously. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, the economy is in the pits, and there’s no certainty on when (or if) things will improve. So it’s normal for people to feel sad, fearful and discouraged.

Still, it’s important to look for the good in the bad. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a constant cycle of negativity.

As I think about the upsides of the pandemic, several things come to mind. First, the stay-at-home order and being away from work means more time to catch up on sleep. Also, you know how people say they want to do something or would do it if they had more time? Now is the chance to do those things. Whether that’s exercising, cooking more often, learning a new skill or something else, this pandemic is giving you “time off” to do it. Another good thing about the excessive time we’re being forced to stay home is it’s an opportunity to build closer bonds with family. Although we may live in the same household with loved ones, sometimes the goings-on of daily life mean we don’t interact with each other as much as we should. The stay-at-home order allows us to spend more quality time with family members.

I know things are difficult for everyone at the moment, but I encourage you to look for your own silver linings in this situation. We all need some positivity during this time.