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Capturing Hyperfemininity: An Inside Look at Virginia Vecellio’s Award-Winning Collection

Ke’Tanyia Thomas
Devastatingly Feminine by Virginia Vecellio Model: Amy Harris

This past Friday, May 3rd, I attended the Chromatique Fashion Show that was held by the HCC Fashion department, which includes the Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising faculty, staff, and students.

For my final article for the Egalitarian, I decided to interview Virginia Vecellio, the mind behind the “Best Collection” award-winning collection “Devastatingly Feminine” and the student who was declared “Student of the Year” by the HCC Fashion department, in order to get a look from the designer’s mind and thoughts for this collection.

Devastatingly Feminine by Virginia Vecellio
Model: Betsy Chiu (Ke’Tanyia Thomas)

ME: “What was the inspiration behind your collection?”

Vecellio: “My collection “Devastatingly Feminine” was inspired by the bold hyperfemininity of bows. I wanted to create pieces that captured the feminine essence combined with exaggerated proportions and silhouettes. I used vintage deadstock fabric I purchased from HCC fabric sales and created my own patterns for each of the looks.”

ME: “How does it feel to not have only won Best Collection but also Student of the Year?”

Vecellio: “I was completely shocked when I won the award for best collection. My classmates created some truly incredible collections, and I did not expect to hear my name called. I couldn’t help but cry, especially because of how close I’ve gotten with all of my classmates and professors over the last 3 years at HCC. And then to win student of the year was so unreal. It was just such a special feeling to be recognized for all of my hard work.”

ME: “What are your plans after graduation?”

Vecellio: “This fall I will be attending Columbia College Chicago to continue my fashion design studies. Ultimately, my goal is to become an independent designer, but I have a lot to learn before I get there.”

Devastatingly Feminine by Virginia Vecellio
Model: Joy Brown (Ke’Tanyia Thomas)



She also had a few more words to say: “I am so so grateful for my time at HCC, the fashion design program there is absolutely incredible. The professors were always so supportive and helpful, I don’t know where I would be without them.”

A fellow fashion show attendee had many nice comments to say about the collection, one of being “I love every look in this collection, I would actually wear this.”

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