Bernie Rallies the Troops: A Young Turnout with a Big Impact


Photo By: Anthony Mireles (The Daily Texan)

JD Eckerman, Staff Writer

“Day one! By Executive order, we will legalize marijuana… And we will expunge the records for everyone locked up for marijuana possession!” The crowd of 6657 roared in response to Bernie’s promise. 500 people volunteered for the Bernie rally this past Sunday at the University of Houston’s Fertitta Center, with about 30% being students. Blue signs with Bernie’s name filled the room; the crowd all gathered around chatting and texting, waiting for the Bern man to show. When asked about why they came out to Bernie’s rally, his supporters stated they were there to listen to his messages about Medicare for all and his plans to take down a corrupt Wall Street. Michael and Dom, some young high school students from Cypress, sporting bright red MAGA hats even showed up to “protect their first amendment right to free speech” which they believed “the left is trying to take from us.”

Whether you think this is true or not, one can admire their involvement with the political process at such a young age. They weren’t the only young people to show up for Bernie’s rally. A young man, 17, and his aunts showed up in support of Bernie “because of his plan for Medicare for all and his Green New Deal.” A UH alumna and his daughter, grade 8, were drawn to the rally because of Bernie’s consistency. “He has had the same platform for decades. He’s principled and I like that.” His daughter has even become involved in her school’s student government association. This, along with other young involement, reflects the potential changes arising from this new “Berning wave”

Photo By: Anthony Mireles (The Daily Texan)

If you want to get involved in the political process simply text TEXAS to 67760, find an early voting poll location, and show up. As long as you’re registered, voting is quick and easy. If you have never been registered in Texas, you can go to There you can fill out a form to be mailed a ready-to-sign voter application. Then you just sign it, mail it back, and you’re registered to vote for the November election.

Photo By: Anthony Mireles (The Daily Texan)

The message was clear at Bernie’s rally. Get involved! “This state, more than any other state, has the power to change this country.” I couldn’t help but agree with him. Texas is becoming a swing state with the growing young blue populations of our metropolitan areas. Texas could be potentially flipped blue. The only thing keeping this from happening is the lack of voter turnout. So even if you aren’t “feelin’ the Bern” , get out and vote in the primaries this Super Tuesday. Because as Andrew Pena, a volunteer for the Bernie rally, said “You can’t sit around and complain if you aren’t doing anything about it.”