‘Hot Pursuit; filled with laughs


Sam Emerson/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP

In this image released by Warner Bros. Pictures, Reese Witherspoon, left, and Sofia Vergara appear in a scene from “Hot Pursuit.”

Erik Calderon, Guest Writer

Not sure which movie to watch, I quickly looked online to see what’s showing.

“Maggie,” “Hot Pursuit,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron” … I want to see all three.

Closest theater is showing Hot Pursuit at 7:30 p.m. — easy choice with such limited time.

Hot Pursuit is a film about a police officer, Rose Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) that takes into custody the wife of an informant in order to make sure she makes it to Dallas safely to testify.

The film starts off introducing us to Rose, and does a wonderful job of it. I get to know Rose. I know who she is and the specific flaws of her character. I feel sympathy for her and she can make me laugh. I also get to know Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara), the wife of informant Felipe Riva (Vincent Laresca). She is one tall, hot babe with some serious character flaws. Together, Rose and Daniella crack me up with their unconventional dialog and relationship.

There are some interesting surprises throughout the film that you’ll be able to figure out just a little bit before Cooper finds out.

The film is well done and very appropriate to Hollywood standards. The action sequences are well choreographed, the punch lines, delivered with great timing and the cinematography is perfectly composed.

The only issue I have will the film is the acting. It was a bit overdone; could that be the intention for this comedy? It does pull me out of the movie experience at times, but then in a slapstick kind of way it works.

I don’t think this film is for everyone. If you’re not in the mood for a comedy: don’t watch it,
it will have the reverse effect of making you laugh.

The opening scene hooks you into the rest of the film with a standard 10-15 minute introduction into the story and who Rose is and who the major players of the story are.

The opening scene was really, really funny and the punch of the joke was delivered so well —definitely a guy joke if you ask me.

You’ll definitely have to see the film for yourself.

Make sure you catch it soon, and if you miss the theater run, you can always rent it on DVD.


Written by Erik Calderon of HCC MovieMakers Academy. Watch their reviews at YouTube.com/HCCMovieReviews