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Your Educational Journey Does Not Have To Be Linear
Chayanne Cabrales July 5, 2024
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Five LGBTQ+ Movies You Must See

Scene From: But Im A Cheerleader

In recent years there has been more LGBTQ+  representation on the big screens than ever. Whether it’s a small role or a leading act this will be far more than we have seen in cinemas over the last decades.  These films have helped generations heal from their wounds of feeling outcasted. The amount of hate this community receives for just living is overwhelming. In this article, I will give a synopsis of five movies that represent the LGBTQ+ community that have helped me throughout the years. 

This Miseducation Of Cameron Post: (2018)

This is a coming-of-age movie that is set in the early 90s. Our main character Cameron gets caught with a girl during her prom. She is exposed to her parents about her sexuality and sent away to a gay conversion therapy camp. This camp called God Promise is a religious-based camp that believes that God can help take the gay away. Throughout this movie, Cameron struggles to accept this. She and a couple of friends she made just tried to get through this program. However, they all know that it doesn’t work. This is a witty and serious film that I believe you should watch if you ever have any conflict with religion and family. 


Like the previous film talked about, this film also follows the triumphs of religion and sexuality. The main character Ronit returns to London after finding out about her father’s passing. Ronit was part of an Orthodox Jewish community growing up but was shunned whenever her community found out about her attraction to her closest friend. Ronits friend Esti is now married to their childhood best friend Dovid who took over as the new Rabbi. Ronit and Estis’ relationship rekindles after staying with the married couple. This film shows the struggles between faith and sexuality and the crucial steps religious folks go to deny themselves true happiness. 

But I’m A Cheerleader: (1999)

Probably one of my favorites out of this list, this movie is bound to make you laugh. Megan, played by Natasha Lyonne, is a cheerleader in high school who gets called out for having lesbian tendencies. She is sent away to a gay conversion camp called True Directions where she will be taught what a woman and man’s role is in a ‘healthy straight lifestyle’.Megan and many of the other residents face turmoil while staying in True Direction, some even leaving or getting kicked out. Megan gets caught being in a relationship with one of the members which leads to her getting kicked out. It’s up to her and another member to help save her true love from the wraiths of the straight life. If you feel like watching a quirky movie or you want to laugh, this classic is for you. 


Love, Simon: (2018)

Yet another coming-of-age film about a teenage boy trying to figure out his sexuality, however,

Scene From:
Love, Simon
Scene From:
The Miseducation Of Cameron Post

Simon’s story is a bit different. Not yet out to his family or friends, Simon takes over an anonymous personality online on his school’s social media website, on there he’s known as Jax. Here he comes out and has the whole school trying to figure out who Jax is. Simon however eventually gets outed as Jax. With this comes the consequences of being a liar causing drama between his childhood best friend and family. Love, Simon is heartfelt, heartbreaking, and healing all at the same time. This movie gained so much popularity that it caused a spin-off show that has the same concept called Love, Victor. 


This movie is set in the 50s following the story of a young woman named Therese. She is an aspiring photographer who works at a convenience store when she meets Carol. Carol is an older sophisticated and rich woman who entices Therese. They both end up forming a friendship that eventually leads to more. This movie shows the struggles of hiding your true self, being in the community was far more taboo back then. Throughout the movie, this relationship that forms causes more harm to each other’s mental health and lives. This is a sad and hopeful movie that would lead you to want more. 


If you are an ally to this community I highly suggest watching at least one of these films. Supporting a community that has faced hardships can be very insightful for the viewer. If you are a part of this community and haven’t seen any of these, hop to it!


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