Universal films will move from HBO to Peacock in new licensing deal

Ahmad Armstrong

On Tuesday, Universal movie studio announced their new licensing deal with Peacock, also owned by its parent company Comcast. This means all of Universal’s upcoming films are going to be featured on the streaming service starting in 2022.

Movie franchises such as “Jurassic World” and “Fast and Furious” will become available only on Peacock within four months of their theatrical release. According to Comcast Corp, the new multi-year deal will follow an exclusive 18-month pay-one window. 

Peacock will have access to Universal films for the first and last four months. In those 10 months in between the pay-window, other streaming services and TV networks will have rights to their films as well. Comcast Corp. says they will reveal additional distribution partners in the following weeks.

Since 2005, Universal’s post-theatrical films have launched on HBO. Now that their HBO deal expires this year, Universal plans to produce original films on Peacock to expand their subscription base.