The End of Daylight Savings Time?

Alissa Krecek, Student Writer

November 6,2022-Clocks changed back to Standard Time for maybe for the last time.

From the second Sunday in March until the second Sunday in November any state or nation that participates is in Daylight savings time.

Each time this occurs, daily routines are thrown off balance and can be detrimental to our health. Because of these factors, people throughout history have been wanting to abolish it.

The debate of whether Daylight Savings Time should be enforced has been an issue since the first enacting of it in World War 1. The farmers at this time felt that because the sunrise and sunset are an hour later than the standard time, it favors the business industry and their working hours. The farmers struggled to adapt to working in the dark mornings because the sunlight comes out later. After all, the animals’ internal clocks did not change, and neither do ours.

Even though the farmers were upset, the United States passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966. This act allowed for daylight savings time to occur at the specified times of the year in all states, except for Hawaii and Arizona, which still do not observe it to this day.

The internal clocks of humans are challenged to be in sync with the regulations. This allows for sleep schedules to be altered, which can lead to some negative effects. Because our internal clock controls the liver, immune system, and the body’s physiology, any altercation can affect one’s health. Some studies have made connections to prove that it can increase the rate of heart attacks, strokes, depression, and car accidents.

After reviewing the scientific studies, some states and the European Union have voted to remove Daylight Savings time from their legislature, but there has been little progress in removing Daylight Savings.

I think that although it is nice to have more sunlight during the day, it is not worth hurting our health and off balancing everyone’s schedule.

Now it is only a matter of time until Daylight Savings isn’t practiced anywhere.