“Legacy Man”, Houstons own Rollerblading Musician

At the beginning of the year, word started spreading of a man, “Legacy Man”, who would play music while on rollerskates. The talk started in the Heights but later spread to the greater Houston Area. Derek Cooper who is Legacy Man told the Chron “In seventh grade, I stumbled into a comic book shop and found bootlegged VHS tapes of Dragon Ball Z that were recorded off of Japanese TV,” Cooper recalls. “They were subtitled, and I got to watch the show before it was dubbed in English.”. He later taught himself the language and found a passion for the ’80s and 90’s Japanese rock music.

Cooper attended The University of Texas and later became an engineer but the music was always a passion for him. He continued to tell the Chron “I started doing Legacy Man in 2019 as a way to brainwash my sons into loving the same music I did growing up,”, he found some rollerskates he had lying around and that’s how Legacy Man started. He has continued Lecagy Man because he saw how much joy it brought to other people.

Legacy Man still plays at the M-K-T Sunset Market, which takes place the third Thursday of every month.

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