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“The Changes of Communication in a Social Media Era”

Tonya V. Hall, Student Writer February 24, 2022

I never thought I would be at the age to say this but, the boy has times changed! I was speaking with my Gen-Z aged daughter the other day having a conversation regarding a few different topics. While...

Pop Music In Modern Life

Diep Chau November 19, 2021

People across the world have been attracted by present pop culture.  Teens are bombarded with messages and trends in the current generation. The mainstream defines mass media (or pop music) as what...

Pushing Facebook to Abandon Instagram for Kids

Pushing Facebook to Abandon Instagram for Kids

Lawmakers are once again pushing Facebook to abandon the development of a new version of Instagram that is meant to target children under thirteen.
Josue Perez, Student Writer September 22, 2021

The renewed demand to push Facebook into abandoning the development of Instagram for kids comes after The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this month revealing Facebook’s in-depth research...

Alexis Sharkey-Robinault

Stephanie Medrano December 2, 2020

Alexis Sharkley-Robinault was a social media influencer who was found on the side of the road of West Houston this past Saturday 12/27 . She had thousand of followers on Instagram and would post about...

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