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Vaccinated customers can now get a freebie at Panera

Maria Lozano, Student Writer July 1, 2021

Many businesses across the nation are working hard to get citizens vaccinated, and many are offering free incentives to those who have obtained there COVID-19 vaccine. Panera Bread announced that vaccinated...

Nutrition and the Importance Behind a Balanced Diet

April 23, 2021

You ever wonder why a cookie taste so good but is also bad for you? Ingredients such as sugar is the driving force behind sweet cravings like cookies. The average American consumes 77 grams per day. Studies...

Houston Food Bank mobile delivery provides relief.

Texas Freeze Affects Food Banks Weeks Later

Food Banks suffer from limited produce weeks after recent Texas freeze.
Jdron Davis, Student March 29, 2021

As if the ongoing pandemic hasn’t already been a detrimental occurrence leaving millions to suffer through unprecedented circumstances, the recent winter storm in Texas wreaked havoc upon even more citizens...

Trader Joes Reviews

Trader Joes Reviews

Stephanie Medrano November 11, 2020

Trader joe's is pretty popular for having good food at low prices so I decided to go try out a few and review them. First up Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone Ice Cream Cones I got the flavor chocolate...

Boneless wing: Are they just adult chicken nuggets??

Boneless wing: Are they just adult chicken nuggets??

Rhiannon October 20, 2020

Boneless wings are in fact not wings at all. THERE I SAID IT. Chicken Nuggets are the remaining meats or are from the thigh portion itself, then are bleached to be white, and then ground up, mixed with...

Quinton Sartor

Ex-Server becomes Catering Chef during Quarantine

Liviala Lee April 16, 2020

As times grew harder for food industry workers, majority is left without a job and some left to get creative with their talents. After losing his job as a server at The Taste of Texas due to the Covid-19...

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