‘Tis the Season for Football

High School Football Playoffs Start In Texas


UIL Football

With the calendar turning to November, it means a couple of things to people in Texas. First, the holidays are fast approaching. Second, and more important to Texans, is it is high school football playoff time.

In Texas we have six different conferences that are further divided into two divisions. These conferences are determined by the number of students enrolled in the school.

The cut off numbers determined by the University Interscholastic League are as follows:

6A – 2100 students or more

5A – between 1060 – 2099 students

4A – between 465 – 1059 students

3A – between 220 – 464 students

2A – between 105 – 219 students

1A – 104 and less (6 Man)

There are 1,484 football teams that are divided into these conferences by the UIL.

All conferences besides 1A are traditional 11 on 11 football teams. The 1A Conference is made up of six players per side due to the amount of students that the schools have to fill the teams.

In Conference 1A, there will be 64 teams who will make the playoffs from the 138 that are classified for this conference.

In Conferences 2A, through 6A there will be 128 teams that will make the post season per conference.

When all the players are added up, there will be over 30,000 student athletes at this year’s playoffs.

On the weekend of Thursday Nov. 13 through Saturday Nov. 15, there will be 352 games that will make up the first round of Texas high school football playoffs.

After six weeks and 566 games played, there will be 12 teams standing; one for each of the 12 divisions.

For many of these athletes, this will be the last time they play organized football. Others will take their talents to the collegiate ranks, while only a handful will make it to the pros and get to play on Sundays.

So now that Nov. is here, “Who’s ready for some FOOTBALL?”