Texans get WHOOPED by Lamar Jackson and Co.

The Houston Texans lose to the Baltimore Ravens on the road in a 7-41 massacre.


Lamar Jackson had a gem of a game yesterday. He made 4 passing touchdowns against the Texans defense.

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

Yesterday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens turned out to be a terrible outing for the Houston Texans. Lamar Jackson (possible MVP winner) and the Ravens offense ripped apart the secondary and ran through the defensive line. Also the defense did surprisingly well in holding the Texans offense to only a touchdown.

First Quarter (0-7)

The Texans received the kickoff from Baltimore, starting at their own 35 after the tackle. Deshaun Watson was making the right plays to get the offense going until the protection in front of him collapsed, leading to Watson getting sacked and fumbling the ball away to the Baltimore defense. The damage from the Ravens could have started early; thankfully they couldn’t get much going settling for a field goal which Justin Tucker (K, BAL) missed by hitting the right post. The Texans got the ball back and got into a rhythm, getting right into the redzone. Watson passed the ball to DeAndre Hokins (WR, HOU)  who was fouled in the endzone. For some reason, the officials did not call pass interference. Coach Bill O’Brien challenged the call, but to the surprise of everyone the call was upheld. Because of the upheld no call, the Texans turned over the ball on downs (that last play was on fourth down). The Ravens couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity, also turning the ball over on downs. Again the Texans laid an egg on their turn of possession. Finally, in the last minutes of the first quarter Lamar Jackson passed to Mark Andrews (TE, BAL) for a 23 yard gain. A face mask penalty from the Houston defense extended the play. A short time later, Jackson struck again by scoring a 15 yard touchdown pass to Seth Roberts (WR, BAL). The extra point was good, ending the first quarter 0-7.

Second Quarter (0-14)

After the touchdown by Baltimore, Houston could have hit back. Only thing is they could not unlock the Ravens defense. Jackson and Co. received the ball once Houston wasted another possession. They lulled Houston to sleep with run plays till Jackson handed the ball of to Gus “The Bus” Edwards (RB, BAL) who ran for 25 yards. They kept humming along, capping off the drive with another Jackson TD pass, this time to Mark Andrews. Again the extra point was good, bumping the score to 0-14. Houston finally got things going for them; they found themselves with a chance to kick a field goal and put some points on the board. Unfortunately, the Texans’ kicker missed the inside of the uprights wide right. After that, Baltimore ran the clock til half-time was called.

Third Quarter (0-27)

After the Ravens received the kickoff, they went on to score right out of the gate. Lamar Jackson threw a short pass to Mark Ingram (RB, BAL) who ran it in for a 25 yard touchdown; he did this while evading a few defenders on the way.  The point after was fair, putting the Texans in a very bad 0-21 deficit. When it came time for the Texans to react, the offense was swiftly shut down.  Lamar Jackson, who was already having his day in the sun, faked a hand-off and ran for a 39 yard gain. Thankfully the Texans defense were able to hold Baltimore to a field goal, widening the gap 0-24. Houston’s offense were building a little momentum their way when Watson threw a terrible pick to Josh Bynes (LB, BAL). Bynes was tackled out-of-bounds in order to stop him from scoring. Again, Houston’s defense were able to hold the Ravens to another field goal attempt, which they made advancing the score even further to 0-27. Houston couldn’t do anything, effectively ending the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter (7-41)

Baltimore again opened the fourth quarter with fireworks. Lamar Jackson threw another pass to Andrews, who ran it for a 51 yard gain. Being that close, Jackson threw the ball to Mark Ingram again, capping of another touchdown (this was Jackson’s third of the day and Ingram’s second).The extra point from Tucker was kicked fair making the score 0-34, basically sealing the Ravens a win at home. That is until the Texans took the field following the kickoff. They were marching downfield till Watson handed the ball off to Carlos Hyde (RB, HOU); he exploded past the Baltimore defense, capping of his 41 yard run with a touchdown. The extra point was good, ensuring Houston that they would not be shut out. Houston’s little fire was quickly stamped out when “The Bus” Edwards ran in for the last touchdown of the day (a 63 yard TD run to be exact). After the made extra point, the game finished at 7-41. This was a dismal outing by Houston, however even with the loss they still at least are projected to make the playoffs. Another bad thing  is the Texans only have a short rest period; their next game is this Thursday (at home) against Indy. Hopefully they win that game.

Thoughts to ponder on…

DeAndre Hopkins is now the second youngest player in league history to have 600+ career receptions.

Mark Andrews’ touchdown in the second quarter was his sixth of the season, the most by a Baltimore tight end since the 2012 season.

The Texans offense were  held to 0 points in the first half for the 1st time in Deshaun Watson’s career as a starter.

Mark Ingram has 10+ carries in nine of ten games this season.

Lamar Jackson has 11 touchdowns in his last three games.

Notable Fantasy Stats

Lamar Jackson (QB, BAL) – 33.48 Points (222 Passing Yards and 4 Passing TDs + 86 Rushing Yards)

Mark Ingram (RB, BAL) – 23.5 Points (48 Rushing Yards + 3 Receptions for 37 Yards and 2 Receiving TDs)

Gus Edwards (RB, BAL) – 17.2 Points (112 Rushing Yards and 1 Rushing TD)

Carlos Hyde (RB, HOU) – 12.5 Points (65 Rushing Yards and 1 Rushing TD)

DeAndre Hokins (WR, HOU) – 15 Points (7 Receptions for 80 Yards)

Mark Andrews (TE, BAL) – 17.5 Points (4 Receptions for 75 Yards and 1 Receiving TD)

Justin Tucker (K, BAL) – 11 Points (5 Made PATs + 1 Made FG between 30-39 Yards + 1 Made FG between 40-49 Yards)

Ravens Defense – 15 Points (7 Sacks + 1 Interception and 1 Fumble Recovery + 7 Points Allowed)

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On This Day in History…

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Texas A&M Bonfire Tragedy. To read more about what took place on that faithful day refer to the link below.


If you want to visit the memorial in person, here is a map of where it stands.