Rough Ride: College takes estimated $37K loss in Rodeo parking

Alyssa Foley, Editor in Chief

Houston Community College managed to lose over $37 thousand by offering rodeo parking, according to financial records.

HCC opened up its parking garage at the administration building at 3100 Main St., as well as parking at the Northline campus. Both locations are close to Metro Light Rail stations, which in theory would make them ideal places for to park and ride the rail to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Expenses included lot attendants and security, which were about $10.5 thousand and $11.5 thousand respectively over the 22 day period of the event which included the two rodeo cookoff days.

To park at 3100 Main cost $5, but did not include Metro fare tickets. To park at Northline cost $10 and included Metro fare tickets for everyone in the family.

Even though it’s farther, Northline was the more popular location, with anywhere from 22-377 cars parking there a day. The garage at 3100 Main at most saw 21 cars, and on one day it held only one vehicle.

To put that in perspective, HCC took in $5 at the midtown garage on March 14 for the one car that parked there, but security alone on that day was about $500.

In all, the midtown garage took in $1,140 but expenses for that location totaled $28,613. Northline did better and took in $13,972, but expenses totaled $29,347.

Data from HCC Open Records received May 6
Data from HCC Open Records received May 6