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Fashion Is a Puzzle

Growth in the fashion industry through the lens of a Fashion Design student.
Keila Rodriguez April 21, 2022

I had just pressed the ground level button when a man in all black attire, carrying an ivory canvas tote rushed to the elevator, sticking his arm between the closing doors. Of course, I immediately pressed...

“Will She Persevere?”

Tonya V. Hall, Student Writer March 24, 2022

Here we are on the fourth day of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. I keep asking myself different questions such as, is it racism or is it just plain old gender bias that...

“The Changes of Communication in a Social Media Era”

Tonya V. Hall, Student Writer February 24, 2022

I never thought I would be at the age to say this but, the boy has times changed! I was speaking with my Gen-Z aged daughter the other day having a conversation regarding a few different topics. While...

Nigerian Igbo Wedding

Diep Chau December 1, 2021

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most cultured countries. Nigeria has been able to cling to its traditions despite the pressure to be influenced by western culture. Nigeria’s culture and traditions...

Wild Wedding Traditions

Diep Chau December 1, 2021

Weddings are some of the universally celebrated customs. However, different cultures celebrate weddings differently.  An article by Coleman Derek in Associated Press news looks at some of the wildest...

Diwali Festival

Diep Chau November 23, 2021

Diwali is one of the most common and most celebrated Indian festivals. MacMillan (2008) defines Diwali as a festival of lights that is a celebration of Rama’s defeat of Ravana, an evil spirit. Diwali...

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Diep Chau and November 23, 2021

Culture refers to the beliefs, customs, social behavior, and ideas of a group of people; it entails the characteristics of a group of people, including language, religion, social habits, music, arts, and...

India is unquestionably a symbol of global togetherness

Diep Chau November 19, 2021

Many authors have drawn inspiration from Indian culture. India is unquestionably a symbol of global togetherness. Indian culture is undeniably complicated. Moreover, the notion of Indian nationality presents...

What is a African American’s civilization?

Diep Chau and November 19, 2021

African American Community, often associated with U.S life, has had several impacts and achievements on other civilizations. Starting with innovations, moving on to haircuts, fashion, and groundbreaking....

Diversity in Asian culture

Diep Chau November 19, 2021

Asian culture incorporates varied rituals and beliefs practiced and perpetuated by the many ethnic groups of Asia throughout antiquity. The immense variety that has emerged from many ethnic realms and...

Cultural News Report

Diep Chau November 19, 2021

In India, warfare and economics are at the center of all media, with just about 80% of stories addressing either one. Military and political stories also accounted for 4/5 of the top stories. This...

Oprah to headline Facebook and Instagram graduation event

Oprah to headline Facebook and Instagram graduation event

Liviala Lee, Staff Writer May 3, 2020

As we all know, due to the pandemic alot of events including graduations for this year has been cancelled.  Students of many schools, including the Houston Community College is unsure of how graduation...

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