Greta Van Fleet Makes a Stop in Texas


Angela Munoz-Martinez

Greta Van Fleet performing ‘The Weight of Dreams’ at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas November 5, 2022

Angela Munoz-Martinez, Student Writer

San Antonio, Tx- “I’ve packed my bags and I’ve got my freedom!”, Greta Van Fleet’s ‘My Way Soon’ blared through the speakers in my car, (and seemed very fitting for the occasion) as I took a road trip from Houston to San Antonio to see my favorite band.

I am a huge admirer of the rock band, Greta Van Fleet. The authenticity that they display in their exhilarating music, stage set up, breathtaking performances, stunning wardrobe, and unique personalities, steals the show. Seven months ago, when they released the tour dates for the ‘Dreams in Gold Tour’, I immediately bought tickets.

The day of the concert I arrived at the AT&T Center at five o’clock in the morning and saw that people were already camping out and bundled up in blankets. Throughout the day, many kindhearted and welcoming fans kept me company in keeping conversations, and not to mention, I made a friend! (Hence the name, “The Peaceful Army” the name the fan base is called and the name of Greta Van Fleet’s second album, ‘The Anthem of the Peaceful Army’) We made jokes, asked each other what side of the stage we wanted to be at, what songs we thought they were going to play, you know, regular GVF fan conversations. In our conversation, I found out that there were some incredibly devoted fans that had been waiting in line since Thursday afternoon! After we all got our wristbands, we were allowed to go home to eat and get ready for the show.

When we came back to the stadium, everyone was dressed in their finest outfits. There were rhinestones, glitter, feathers, embroidery, sequins, you name it, it was all there! The details and creativity that the fans had put into their outfits were incredible, some even replicated the band members stage attire. My new friend and I made arrangements to meet up and attend the concert together. We also got to share this phenomenal experience of standing in the first couple of rows from the stage, especially fangirling over the lead guitarist, Jake Kiszka.

With the opening acts, Crown Lands and Durand Jones & The Indications, I discovered thrilling new music to add to my playlist. Once GVF came out on stage, my friend and I were screaming and jumping, and I even busted my right eardrum from screeching like a little girl. At one point during the show, I found myself in incredible shock, due to their breathtaking & majestic performance. Just hearing the lead singer, Josh Kiszka’s voice in person, left me in goosebumps throughout the whole concert. The drummer, Daniel Wagner’s energy was outstandingly radiant and contagious, Sam Kiska, the bassist, had the whole stadium grooving, and the way Jake Kiszka, the lead guitarist just wholeheartedly shredded every note was euphoric.

All together, the whole band performed an out of this world and truly mind-blowing concert (Chefs kiss) This was an experience I will never forget and I am looking forward to attending another electrifying masterpiece from them in the future.