Greek Cuisine

Diep Chau

Culture entails things like language, cuisine, social habits, music, and art, among others. The Greek culture is something that has always intrigued many people. There are many studies that look into the Greek culture, how it has been maintained over time, and its influence on modern culture. The Greeks have made significant contributions to philosophy, astronomy, literature, theater, medicine, and mathematics (Burckhardt, 2013). The Greek culture continues to influence modern culture to date. One of the things that people have failed to look into is Greek cuisine. The Greeks were not only great philosophers; they also had some of the best cuisines. Cuisine is part of culture, and it helps define people and their beliefs and traditions.

Greek cuisine is similar to other cuisines of the Mediterranean and is created on the triads of wheat, wine, and olive oil. Other crucial ingredients found in Greek cuisine include lemon, yogurt, cheese, herbs, and olives (Malathronas, 2021). The Greeks believe that food should be simple and should maintain its natural taste. Greece has one of the best climates favorable for producing some of the best herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Greek cuisine has been able to influence American cuisine and has led to the creation of dishes such as garlicky roasted lamb with potatoes, baklava, and spinach-cheese pies (Malathronas, 2021). Greek churches hold festivals every year to give people the chance to sample some of their best cuisines. There are many Greek restaurants in the United States where Americans can try out the Greek cuisine

According to Malathronas (2021), Greek cuisine is renowned for its simplicity but is also among the healthiest and finest in the world. The Greek cuisine emphasizes on baked rather than fried foods. According to Malathronas (2021), most Greek traditional foods avoid extravagant sauces but prefer the perfume of herb seasonings. One of the most common tradition Greek cuisine is the use of unsaturated fats such as olive oil and unrefined sugars such as honey, which nutritionists all over the world recommend. According to Malathronas (2021), the longevity of the Greeks is attributed to their healthy foods. According to Malathronas (2021), there is a Greek island called the Ikaria where one of three of its residents is over 90 years old.

There are many types or examples of Greek cuisine. Malathronas (2021) provides examples of some of the best Greek cuisine. Some of the best Greek cuisine as provided by Malathronas (2021) include Taramasalata, Gigantes, Choriatiki, Kotosoupa, Keftedes, Fava, Pies, Pastitsio, Moussaka, and Ladera, among others. The Greek cuisine continues to define Greek culture, which continues to influence other cultures.