Biden on Gun Reform

The President Addresses Controversial Gun Control Issues

Biden on Gun Reform

Jdron Davis, Student


Known for its detrimental effects and profound impact (over 280 billion) in costs, gun violence has been a controversial issue that has reached Supreme Court level. The subject itself is complex due to the various aspects of laws and ownership within each state. As a part of his presidency, Joe Biden plans to tackle issues surrounding gun control in the United States. In his recent press conference, the president called for Congress to pass new federal laws to also help in preventing gun violence. He also issued six executive orders and nominated David Chipman for the new boss at The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).  

A key solution introduced in Biden’s speech was the suggestion to closer investigate applicants via background check. More specifically, purchasers that buy guns without submitting an evaluation at places like gun shows are being targeted to limit transference. By cracking down on private sellers, he believes this will reduce the influx of unnecessary violence amongst unstable individuals. The internet is another place where purchasers are allowed to sometimes get away with weapon purchases without formal applications. These avenues will also be looked into as a way to reform mobility. Gun aficionados known for doing the Charleston Loophole, named after a case where a gunman received his armed weapon without actually being processed, will now face tougher adversity.

Although these notions are a move in the right direction, many feel that such reform may violate their second amendment rights, or the right to bear arms. Changing the structure of an amendment is a large reformation that will affect American history permanently going forward. While some extremists may advocate that the president is restricting guns entirely, it is clear that the ordinances to attain one will have higher security clearances. The goal surrounding the effort is to help reduce the deaths and victims associated with reckless weaponry.

As the amount of breaking news involving mass shootings increases, legislation involving gun regulation is welcomed by the general population. The emotional devastation these events can cause can make anyone question why weapons were created initially. Though opinions fray, some still see it as a way to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. Different interests serve as a large reason why decisions are harder to endorse. In cases such as New York Rifle Association vs The Supreme Court individuals petitioned to carry their guns outside of their dwellings. The rights gained over time are now modifying as current times evolve.

Great reformation lies ahead as the opportunity to help protect the lives of people everywhere awaits us all. Since there has been an increase in reckless gun behavior, more protocol is now being focused on by our president Joe Biden. He and David Chipman will be expected to help stabilize new braces and “ghost guns” from reaching society as a whole. They will also enforce stronger policies surrounding background checks, alongside several new orders.


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