Biden and the Border Crisis

Can the Biden Administration Gain Control of the Border?

Chonte Crewsaw, Student

1933 miles stretching from the pacific ocean to the tip of southern Texas; this is the distance of the border that connects the United States and Mexico.  A close eye has been kept on this section of the United States for decades in order to control immigration in this country and to ensure that people do not enter this country illegally.  

Many of those who come to this country from Mexico, come seeking opportunity either for themselves or for loved ones but that is not always the case and oftentimes these stories can become even darker than any of could imagine.

The fear of some in our country when it comes to immigration is that people will be forced from their jobs and they will be given to illegal undocumented immigrants.  The fact of the matter is that for many of these women and children, they are fleeing for their lives and coming to the United States seeking asylum.  

Former president Donald Trump used fear as a tactic to mitigate the illegal immigration issue at the border but also went as far as to block legal immigrants from entering the country.  Accordining to an article by Stephen Anderson of Forbes Magazine , at the beginning of 2021 Donald Trump had reduced legal immigration by 49% and this was without any changes in United States immigration laws.  

This has a catastrophic effect on those who would like to live with their families abroad or have their families come to live with them in the states.  Donald Trump’s plan to limit entry into the United States was more about him contributing to his base than to the legitimate protection of its citizens.  

President Joe Biden ran on the platform of helping those in need and seeking a better opportunity.  Right now, President Joe Biden has a 52% approval rate when it comes to immigation; people have not approved of his methods because they seem to be an open border policy. 

 The democratic party should be more aware of the way the public feels about this specific scenario because it seemed that although Trump’s methods were unorthodox, they seemed to go over better with the american public.   Many of the issues the Biden Administration is facing are not being able to communicate effectively and change the message being delivered from cartels and other criminal organizations.  

Many criminals will use the border to smuggle drugs and people across and it is believed that they charge up to $8000 per person; many Mexican immigrants fear death and would do almost anything to try to get out of the terrible situation but the Biden administration needs to produce a clear cut message to deter the ideas that simply coming here is not ok and it needs to be done through legal platforms. 

Three months into his presidency, Joe Biden has done some great things and also some questionable things to allow extreme judgement from the opposition.  Immigration has been and always will be a major political point and it is too early to really answer the question of whether or not this administration can get the job done.