Graduation and Transfer


Rhiannon Brast, Editor

In December 2020 I will have finished my years at HCC and will be moving on to Texas A&M University ( Gig em Aggies). With that being said, I am extremely concerned with how the transition is going to go. With classes being online I will do online classes until next fall, then I will move.

What’s it like graduating during a pandemic?

I don’t know what to expect especially since I am the first one moving off to college and with there being a pandemic it’s a whole different environment I am going into.

Here are a few questions to ask to whomever moving or graduating.

  1. With there being a pandemic, is there a way that we are doing an in person graduation or are we doing it all online?
  2. With transferring to a larger university, how is that transition going to happen with covid being highly prevalent?
  3. Are there going to be online or in person events for new transfers?
  4. How are scholarships going to work based on community service when everything is locked down?
  5. Will there be more scholarships for people who lost jobs?

I am worried that there won’t be an opportunity for being a community in the midst of COVID for transfer students so, how are the universities going to help give people those opportunities in the midst of a pandemic?