Ocean’s Eleven Review: Moving Pictures Weekly

Ocean’s Eleven Review: Moving Pictures Weekly

Joel Valdes, Staff Writer

Ocean’s Eleven was directed by Steven Soderbergh and has a giant cast that includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Bernie Mac. Its original release was in 2001, and it has recently been added on to Netflix along with some of its sequels. 

The film is undeniably a box office success, with estimated worldwide earnings of over $450 million. This is an iconic movie in the heist genre, and its addition to Netflix has made it more accessible. So does Ocean’s Eleven live up to its hype?

The most memorable part of the movie is the work that went into the cinematography and set pieces. There are multiple scenes with shots that left me in awe at how they were able to create complex props and time the actors perfectly as they interact with other parts of the sets. The movie also expertly transforms Las Vegas in different scenes between day and night. The hot desert town becomes full of life as it becomes night and we are taken through the casinos. This gives the movie a tangible feeling of energy, especially in its most climactic scenes. 

The main thing that Ocean’s Eleven struggles with is juggling the tone of the story with its plot. Comedy is infused throughout, but there are instances in which that is done at the expense of coherence with the plot or characters. This is the same for how the movie creates tension in some scenes. Each time a character does something illogical for the sake of developing the plot, the emotional responses that the movie is aiming for feel overly fabricated. 

Despite its flaws, most of the cast members share a great chemistry between each other that makes it a fun movie to watch. It relentlessly tries to create a fun atmosphere, and it succeeds overall. 


Score: 3.5/5 stars