Voting During a Pandemic

Voting During a Pandemic

Stephanie Medrano

Election time is already a very stressful and anxious time for a lot of people and adding a worldwide pandemic to that is definitely a reason for people to be on edge.

I voted early on the last day of early voting October 30th and I voted around the location of where I work which is North Loop location it was at a school I arrived parked and got in line in around 5 minutes. I did not have to wait at all I showed my passport and i got my finger rubber and a a alcohol wipe and was sent to my station. The whole process took me less than 15 minutes.

Now not all experiences are the same. My friend voted in the Alief are by where we live and her experience was different than mine. She was in line for over an hour. The line was so long the passed out granola bars and waters. She also stated that many people behind her left because of the long waits. While she stuck it out many people get frustrated and leave due to lack of voting machines as where in the are I voted there were many voting polls in that one location.

While the stress has been at all an time high and it is not over just yet. I’m glad I used my right to vote and vote for change.