Online Class: Hit or Miss?

The dreaded WIFI.

The annoying sounds of buttons.

College students across the world are in misery because of the new education system we are facing. Whether its the students lacking the resources at home to do the work or even lacking the motivation to stay on task with work.  Students rely on social interactions and their professors as motivation and tools to understand their work. Without in person learning, students are lacking fundamental skills for their success.

I decided to take it upon myself and use social media as my source for my survey. So, I put up a poll on my Instagram to see what my followers thought about online school. An overwhelming amount thought that online school was harder because of the lack of communication, not held accountable, more assignments, and larger/longer lectures. There were some positives consider it being self paced as well as being able to have more free time. I noticed that a majority of it though was negative.

Now, its not just students struggling. I know a lot of teachers are struggling as school is majorly online with grasping their students attention as well as helping their students learn the information clearly. As I scroll through Facebook and Instagram, tons of my family friends are teachers and posting their grievances but because of covid there is nothing we can truly do about it.

Is there a way that we can band together to make remote learning better or is it going to just stay that way?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?