Schools and Covid


Rhiannon Brast, editor

With COVID being prominent in the world today, schools are faced with a tough decision, whether or not students will be able to attend after the holidays. Most people are concerned for college students rather than the younger students because of the living situations.

According to the CDC,  a lot of decisions being made are up to the schools rather than the government, considering each state is facing different COVID rates. The CDC isn’t even ensuring safety in the schools rather than “updating considerations” i.e. wearing masks, random testing, and staggering schedules, so nothing really serious.

On September 18 it was recorded that in public schools alone 2,175 cases were staff alone and 2,344 students tested positive. The colleges were recorded at 88,000 cases. A Georgetown rep said “we aren’t keeping track of it like we should be” considering most colleges are still allowing parties and recruitments with no real enforcement.

No enforcement = High risk of spread

The University of Alabama is seeing a dramatic decline with only 200 active cases. So, what are they doing right? Is it that they are forcing Zoom classes and recruitments allowing student connections rather than large in person crowds?

What  do you think we should do in order to have schools be able to come back after the holidays?