Don’t be discouraged by life’s current decisions.

Be encouraged and stay strong.

Liviala Lee, Writer

For me Covid-19 happened in the blink of an eye.  In February 2020 I took a vacation to Jamaica to visit my family and daughter living on the island.  By the time I came back to United States everything went downhill.  A was a full-time student of the Houston Community College and working full-time at a well know restaurant in the Houston area all while trying my hardest to be the best mom I can be.  To be honest I was tired, mentally, physically, emotionally and my spirit was drained.  An immigrant of the Caribbean, I came to the United States with big dreams, just like any other immigrant that has left their home country and moved to the “land of the free”.  After almost five years of living in the states I was burnt out, whatever american dream I came here for seemed to be taking longer than expected in my opinion .  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do anymore with my life, I was just going wherever the wind blew me.

We all spent approximately 8 weeks in quarantine, some of you reading this now may still be in quarantine, take my word for it don’t be discourage.  Often times we are so busy with life, busy chasing an endless dream to the point where we don’t realize that we are tired or maybe even going in the wrong direction. God has a way of keeping us still, a way of telling us to slow down have faith and trust that everything will be okay.  Everything happens for a reason, a reason we can’t see until it becomes our reality.  As human beings it is in our nature to worry about tomorrow, but why worry when tomorrow will worry about itself.  I learned a great deal being in quarantine alone, I mediated and prayed everyday but more importantly I rested.  I rested knowing that things would get better, I had more than enough time to myself learning, growing and strengthening my faith.

Nothing lasts forever friends, I will never tell you not to dream big and work harder towards those dreams but life doesn’t happen before its time.  Whatever you want to accomplish in life will happen, no matter who you think is living your dream or the life you want your’s is there waiting for you to take it.  Appreciate this time to give thanks and give yourself credit for making it this far.  Take the time to work on you, your craft and your strength to deal with the challenges you are going to face while getting your life together once this pandemic is over.  It’s not time to give up, your best fight is yet to come and they need to be won.