Niners reach the #1 seed in the NFC

The San Francisco 49ers destroy the Green Bay Packers 37-8.


The Niners smash the Packers at home, giving them full control of the #1 seed in the NFC.

Alexander Thomas, Staff Writer

The 49ers win a blowout game against the Packers at home in Levi’s Stadium on Sunday Night Football. With the Niners winning the game, they most likely cemented their place as the #1 seed in the NFC, meaning they will have home-field advantage throughout the postseason.

First Quarter (10-0)

Green Bay received the opening kickoff from San Francisco. The Packers struggled to move the ball up the field; this eventually led to them giving up a sack and a fumble. The Niners defense scooped up the fumble but were unable to score a touchdown. Even though the defense came short of scoring, they got the 49ers offense  right at the 2 yard line. San Francisco punched in their first touchdown of the night thanks to a Tevin Coleman run. The point after was kicked good, marking the score 7-0. Not much happened after that between the two teams. After the Pack punted the ball back, Jimmy Garoppolo and Co. started their drive. Jimmy G handed the ball off to Jeff Wilson, who ran the ball up the gut for 25 yards and the first down. The offense unfortunately couldn’t make moves in the red-zone, forcing them to convert a field goal. The made field goal made the score 10-0.

Second Quarter (23-0)

The Packers couldn’t get things going in the beginning of the second quarter. They were  moving down field well until the Niners defense forced them to turn over on downs. Even with the field position, the San Francisco offense stalled. The Pack couldn’t do anything either. When the ball came back into the 49ers hands, they were ready. Garoppolo threw a pass to his tight  end George Kittle that went for 22 yard gain. They couldn’t get close to scoring a touchdown, but did make a field goal that stretched the score 13-0. Green Bay laid another goose egg on offense, resulting in them punting the ball away. With another opportunity to put points on the board, the Niners did just that. Jimmy passed to wide receiver Deebo Samuel for a 42 yard gain and the six points. The point after was kicked fair, resulting in a score of 20-0. The Packers offense again failed to convert on third down, offering another chance for San Francisco before the half. It seemed like they would when Jimmy G rifled another pass to Kittle resulting in a 22 yard gain. Even then, San Francisco could not convert their drive into six points; they made a long field goal instead that basically broke the game at 23-0.

Third Quarter (30-8)

The destruction of the Packers on national television continued into the second half. The 49ers got the ball at the kickoff but were swiftly stopped by the Pack defense. Green Bay’s offense then went on to complete a long drive, culminating in a touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams. Since they were down by so much, they elected to go for a 2-point conversion. Rodgers again lobbed another pass to Adams for the extra 2 points. This made the score 23-8, breathing new life in the Packers players. The spark was very quickly killed when Jimmy G again launched a deep ball to George Kittle; Kittle proceeded to rumble into the end-zone for another Niners TD. The PAT after was kicked fair, resulting in a scoreline of 30-8. The Pack tried to respond but were sent to the sideline when they failed to convert on a crucial fourth down.

Fourth Quarter (37-8)

After Green Bay’s failed conversion, San Francisco went after it again for one final time. The Niners chugged along moving the ball down the field, breaking the monotony with a Garoppolo pass to Raheem Mostert (he gained 22 yards and the first down on the play). In moving the chains like that, Jimmy G rewarded Mostert by handing the ball off to him for the score. After the made extra point, there wasn’t much the Pack could do. The score ended at 37-8 with the last play being a 1 yard run from Green Bay. The win leaves the 49ers as one of two teams with a 10-1 record (the other team is New England).

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Sunday Night Game Insights

Davante Adams 2 yard touchdown in the third quarter was his 3rd receiving TD in 2 career games against the 49ers.

Fred Warner (MLB-SF) has 9+ tackles in 4 consecutive games for the first time since Weeks 1-4 back in 2018.

George Kittle has 1+ receiving touchdown in 2 straight games for the first time in his career.

Arik Armstead (DE-SF) has 10 sacks this season. He only had 9 in his first 4 seasons combined.

SNF Fantasy Stats

Jimmy Garoppolo (QB-SF) – 18.22 Points (253 Passing Yards with 2 Passing TDs + 1 Rushing Yard)

Jamaal Williams (RB-GB) – 15 Points (45 Rushing Yards + 7 Receptions for 35 Yards)

Raheem Mostert (RB-SF) – 13.7 Points (45 Rushing Yards and 1 Rushing TD + 1 Reception for 22 Yards)

Tevin Coleman (RB-SF) – 12.9 Points (39 Rushing Yards and 1 Rushing TD + 2 Receptions for 10 Yards)

Davante Adams (WR-GB) – 19.3 Points (7 Receptions for 43 Yards and 1 Receiving TD + 1 2-Point Conversion)

Deebo Samuel (WR-SF)  – 13 Points (2 Receptions for 50 Yards and 1 Receiving TD)

George Kittle (TE-SF) – 24.9 Points (6 Receptions for 129 Yards and 1 Receiving TD)

Chase McLaughlin (K-SF) – 13 Points (4 Made PATs + 2 made 20-29 Yard FGs + 1 Made 40-49 Yard FG)

49ers Defense – 11 Points (5 Sacks + 1 Fumble Recovery + 8 Points Allowed)

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