Houston partied with Cardi B at sold-out, re​cord-breaking Rodeo performance

Sarah Al-Shaikh, Staff Writer

Twerking, “Okrrrrt’s,” and hot pink cowgirl boots. Cardi B’s Rodeo Houston concert was a record-breaking, one of a kind performance.

Not a seat was vacant in NRG Stadium during Cardi’s performance Friday, March 1st. Exactly 75,580 people were in attendance that night, making it the most attended Rodeo Houston concert… ever.

Everyone took to their feet when Cardi rode in the stadium ready to perform a concert the rodeo stage has never seen before. She emerged from her black SUV dressed in pink and blue chaps with fringe and a sparkly hat to match; truly embracing the Rodeo Houston spirit.

From the amazing lights and stage graphics to her backup dancer’s high energy choreography, Cardi B brought the party to Houston.

Cardi B at the sold-out RodeoHouston concert on March 1 (Photo: RODEOHOUSTON)

She performed chart-topping hit after hit, from “I Like it” to her new single featuring Bruno Mars, “Please Me,” and ended the show with the song that took off her career, “Bodak Yellow.”

While the performance ran for only about 45 minutes, Cardi took a quick break in the middle to collect her breath. She made light of it saying, “Y’all I have asthma” getting laughs from the audience. The brief break was filled with some music bops provided by her DJ to keep the audience’s energy high.

Her fast-paced rhymes, booty shaking beats, and quirky personality had everyone rapping, dancing and laughing.

Fans were so loud, at times making it difficult to even hear Cardi over everyone singing and rapping along to her songs.

Before performing her final song, Cardi took time to motivate her audience with a speech about her come up in the music industry.

She said, “people always used to tell me ‘you’re not going to make it from reality TV, you’re not gonna have a record on the radio,’ ” but it is safe to say, Cardi has proved all her naysayers wrong.

After her concert, she received an official proclamation for her own day; making March 1st “Cardi B Day” in Houston. She adds that accomplishment to her growing list of music awards and record-breaking chart numbers.

Her night in Houston didn’t end at the Rodeo but continued at the local club, Spire, where she hosted her post-concert after party.

Cardi took to Instagram a day after her performance to express gratitude to her Houston fans and excitement for breaking a new all-time paid rodeo/concert attendance record. She wrote, “honored for all the love Houston gave me!”

With record-breaking numbers like 75,580 people, there is no doubt Houston loves Cardi B. There’s no telling when she’ll be back to perform again in H-town, but as her career continues to progress, her Houston fan base will surely continue to grow, okrrrrrt.