HCC Police Blotter: Feb 22 Edition

(Compiled from HCC Police crime logs)


Image Courtesy of User Pixelcreatures / Pixabay.com

Egalitarian Staff Report

Offense: Resisting Arrest, Search, or Transportation
Incident occurred on: Feb 15 at 5:11pm
Location: Hayes Road Campus, 2811 Hayes Road
Description: Adult male non-student was arrested and charged after he caused a disturbance in the computer lab.

Offense: Burglary of Vehicle
Incident occurred on: Feb 15 between 5:45pm-6:35pm
Location: Eastside Campus, Parking Garage
Description: Student’s vehicle was burglarized during his class.

Offense: Disorderly Conduct
Incident occurred on: Feb 14 at 5:48pm
Location: Eastside Campus, Learning Hub
Description: Registered but not enrolled student was cursing a financial aid employee after the legitimacy of her high school diploma was challenged.

Offense: Harassment
Incident reported on: Feb 14 at 9:04pm
Location: Stafford Campus Area – Off Campus
Description: Student complained that her ex-boyfriend has been sending her unwanted text messages. The messages started on February 8 after she broke up with her boyfriend. Incidents did not occur on campus. She declined prosecution.

Offense: Other Police Activity
Incident occurred on: Feb 13 at 10:30am
Location: Central – Midtown Campus, Learning Hub
Description: Adult, male student was arrested for outstanding warrants and placed in jail. He is a suspect in another theft at HCC.

Offense: Harassment
Reported on: Feb 13 at noon
Location: Pinemont Campus, 1265 Pinemont
Description: Adult student reported her husband sent her unwanted and threatening text messages on and off for years. The victim was referred to District Attorney’s Office for a new protective order since she did not want charges filed.

Offense: Theft
Reported on: Feb 13 at 7pm
Location: Central – Midtown Campus, San Jacinto Memorial Building
Description: Student’s unattended cell phone was stolen from his classroom.

Offense: Theft
Incident occurred on: Feb 10 between 12:48pm-3:30pm
Location: Central – Midtown Campus, San Jacinto Memorial Building
Description: Student’s wallet and contents were stolen while he was playing basketball in the gym.


Compiled From HCC Police crime log.