The Egalitarian

Nigerian Igbo Wedding

Diep Chau December 1, 2021

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most cultured countries. Nigeria has been able to cling to its traditions despite the pressure to be influenced by western culture. Nigeria’s culture and traditions...

Wild Wedding Traditions

Diep Chau December 1, 2021

Weddings are some of the universally celebrated customs. However, different cultures celebrate weddings differently.  An article by Coleman Derek in Associated Press news looks at some of the wildest...

Diwali Festival

Diep Chau November 23, 2021

Diwali is one of the most common and most celebrated Indian festivals. MacMillan (2008) defines Diwali as a festival of lights that is a celebration of Rama’s defeat of Ravana, an evil spirit. Diwali...

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