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Good boy! But the movie?

Good boy! But the movie?

Fabian Brims, Staff Writer

February 13, 2017

‘A Dog’s Purpose’ sparked a big outrage about animal treatment on movie sets after a video from the set was leaked to a news magazine. Although an important topic, it doesn’t help the cause to try by manipulating the public with obviously edited footage that dramatized the event. Because of...

Red Carpet Premiere of The Wedding Ringer

Red Carpet Premiere of The Wedding Ringer

Jimmieka Mills

January 18, 2015

On Dec. 11, members of the HCC Egalitarian attended the Red Carpet Premiere of The Wedding Ringer starring Kevin Hart (Ride Along) and Josh Gad (The Book of Mormon and Frozen). Directed by Jeremy Garelick (The Break-Up), the movie covers a friendless soon-to-be groom Doug Harris who must find ...

Josh Gad on ‘The Wedding Ringer’ and his career

Co-stars Josh Gad and Kevin Hart discussing The Wedding Ringer at a round table interview in Houston, Friday Dec. 5. The Wedding Ringer is coming to theaters Jan. 16, 2015.

Alyssa Foley, Editor

December 22, 2014

“You can't fake it on stage. Whether you're doing stand up, or you're doing a Broadway show, the audience will see right through you and they will eat you alive. And that is the best training ground you can get. Because if you can do that, if you can give it your all in front of a live audience and they go along for the ride, then you're pretty much set up for anything.” - Josh Gad

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