When will the school shooting end?

Mario Dennis, one of the kitchen staff at the Covenant School, sits near a police officer after a shooting at the facility in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. March 27, 2023. REUTERS/Kevin Wurm NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES

Dominique Johnson, Student Writer

Without failure, every year, we have to deal with the effects of a school shooter who decides to take the lives of innocent children. On Mar 27, 2023, 28 year old Audrey E. Hale entered a private Christian elementary school and shot three students and three adults. It’s in these situations that begs the question, what is being done to prevent a school shooter from having access and entire into schools and preventing the death of innocent lives? According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Violence Prevention, “a cohesive and supportive school environment is key to preventing school shooting.” They say that it begins with the school climate, the health care settings, and finally, addressing the risk of violence with programs and policy. However, how effective are these strategies? After the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., in 2018 EducationWeek started keeping records on K-12 school shootings. According to EducationWeek data graph, “There have been 157 school shootings” and “There have been 111 people killed and 288 people injured from school shooting since 2018.” Their data showed that mass school shooting has declined compared to the previous year. However, this shouldn’t negate the importance of doing whatever it takes to ensure that when parents send their children to school, the school district will take care of the student and protect them, not worried if their child’s school will be the next target. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Violence Prevention, strategies to prevent school shootings are a step in the right direction. Cullman City School District seems to be heading in that direction, which implemented two pilot whiteboards, gun-safe security, and a storm shelter at West Elementary School. It’s these types of inventions that guide us in the right direction to ensure the safety of all students and staff from becoming victims of the next school shooting