Hobby Airport Plane wreck causes flight delay


Hobby Airport

Hobby Airport Runway Excursion

Dominque Johnson, Student Writer

Houston, TX – A small jet skidded off the runway landing safely but, in the process, damaged its right wing in the grass area at William P. Hobby Airport. The incident occurred at 11:30 a.m. Feb 17, 2023. “The aircraft has been moved back onto a runway. We are monitoring the removal process alongside our local and federal partners to ensure we can safely open our runways to FAA code.” Hobby Airport stated in their Twitter post after two hours after the incident had occurred. As for the passengers and pilot, Hobby Airport tweeted “Everyone on board the jet is safe and has deplaned.” Due to the location of where the jet veered off, a ground stop was put in place to cease all movement on the airfield and those coming in. The result of the runway excursion cause about 70 flight cancelations. Nevertheless, Hobby airport customer service representatives took action into offering assistance to airport goers who were affected by the runway excursion. Let it be known that the jet involved in the incident was an N14QB HondaJet that left from Miami Executive Airport heading into Hobby Airport according to Aviation Safety Network. After several hours “Commercial flights have now resumed landing and take-off operations. Please stay in touch with your airline for updates because delays are still possible.” Hobby Airport stated in their Twitter post around 3:30 p.m. An Investigation is currently underway as to the cause of the N14QB jet veering off the runway and into the grass area.