The Price to Pay for Bey: Renaissance Is Coming To Houston

Maya Haywood, Student Writer


Fans marvel at and are eager when it comes to the people they idolize. Beyonce is one of the revered singers who have made a global impact on the music industry. Recently becoming the first artist to win 32 golden Grammy awards, the pop stars popularity exceeds 113 million followers on Instagram. Despite hurdles such as ticket sales, log queues, unresponsive websites for stock acquisition, and highly-priced tickets, high fan demand remains constant.

The Renaissance World Tour will take place in venues across the globe, with shows in 12 countries including the United States, Sweden, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Ticket sales went live  on February 6, 2023. The tickets to the show held in Houston are in high demand thus prompting an additional show the day that follows.



After the pandemic, there are still concerns about the high cost of living as economic reforms try to mend the situation. The tickets to the tours are expensive yet they continue to go out of sale. The lowest price for the ticker is around $62, while “Club Renaissance”  (front row) tickets are up to $11,000 ; the variation in ticker prices is due to differences in venues and cities. The tickets are so anticipated to the extent that they are sold in batches and on different days throughout the week, considering the locations of the fans. The tickets are expensive to the extent that There are fans who are considering whether to use the money for other purposes. The expensive tickets are also making fans start GoFundMe pages to get the funds to pay for the tickets.

Ticketmaster is one of the experienced monopolies that have outcompeted other organizations in selling event tickets for celebrities. The fans are watching Ticketmaster as it had experienced a ticketing system crash: this time, much consideration has been put into reducing the repeat of the scenario. Ticketmaster holds over half of the show’s tickets, and the fans are anticipating opening dates to start purchasing the tickets.

Despite the previous experience of glitches in purchasing tickets for Taylor Swift’s event, Beyonce still chooses to continue with Ticketmaster. As a subsidiary of Live Nation, Ticketmaster is the dominant platform users use to sell tickets to fans. Live Nation runs most of the recognized venues that are of high interest to celebrities and have the apathy to organize the events according to the standards required. There is also speculation that the deal was successful since negotiations between Live Nation and Beyonce might present a lucrative share of ticket revenue to Beyonce. It is all about money, and celebrities are no exception.

People can do anything to pay and attend their favorite celebrities performing at the events. Despite the expensive pricing of the tickets, long queues, and delays in the release of tickets for sale, the fans are in eager anticipation. Ticketmaster is yet to mend its issues in the ticketing system since it had an experience during one of Taylor Swift’s events. Since Ticketmaster is the company of choice, the spokesman of the company has assured the fans that everything is in place to ensure customers get through their platform.

Beyonce is expected to perform September 23rd and 24th at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.