TSA’s “9/11: As Events Unfold” Retrospective


Dominic Martinez, Student Writer

“9/11: As Events Unfold” is a video on YouTube.com by the TSA channel intended to show a different point of view to the world-changing attacks on the World Trade Center from the people who were the first responders that day on September 11th, 2001. In the video, the several hours of panic and fear that occurred during the tragic chain of events leading to the fall of the World Trade Center are crafted into less than five minutes of nearly everyone involved in the reaction to the events, from the airline workers to the military, to former President George W. Bush. To me September 11th was the day that marked the beginning of the new millennium. As I was not born at the time, most of my lessons were taught by family members, teachers, and my own knowledge taken from the internet. And having now been through my own version of a “history book” event with the Covid-19 pandemic, I can even further sympathize with those who were there that day who felt after those events nothing will ever be the same. As stated, the events that took place on September 11th to me are the first things that an American think about regarding how their lives changed concerning their safety during the war on terror. Myself, I was not aware of the war on terror, or even war in general being a current event, my idea of war only being the old war movies my father would watch. A question that I ask myself is, for the other children, who were not as sheltered as I was in the countries America was at war with, what were their feelings on the issue? Did they hate America for what Americans believe was a necessary reaction to the attacks by Al-Qaeda. How could we have known which person we killed on our side of the warfront were sympathizers with Osama Bin Laden and who were just caught in the middle of something they were not involved in and did not want to come to their doorstep, very similar to New Yorkers on 9/11. Could all the countless deaths have all been avoided if those in power would put their egos aside and come to an agreement that would protect humanity’s rights and fate from a never-ending barrage of terror? I suppose only time will tell.