Houston Community College Awarded Best Place for Working Parents

Alissa Krecek, Student Writer

Working and maintaining a good personal life is a struggle, especially for those with families.

Houston Community College is committed to helping its employees and offering benefits in the workplace and has been recently recognized as the Best Place for Working Parents award for 2022.

This award is given to employers that receive recognition from their staff based on how accommodating they are. The Best Place for Working Parents organization has policies that determine whether they get the award. Some of the policies include company-paid healthcare coverage, paid time off, maternity leave, flexible hours, and if they offer working remotely.

According to a  Pew Research study, about half of the people who quit their job in 2021 left due to childcare issues, not enough flexibility, or the benefits weren’t good.

These aspects in the workplace are important to employers, and HCC offers solutions that work with every struggle.

For the 5,300 employees working for HCC, they receive benefits that include 80 to 200 hours maximum of vacation rollover hours, the option of jobs that work remotely, and onsite, subsidized daycare.

More benefits include paid time off and sick leave. The college itself has time off not just for students, but also for the staff. During this time, the full-time, benefits-eligible employees, receive a max of 27 paid holidays, including a 10-day winter break and spring break for 5 days.

HCC is a workplace that provides perks for every personal situation and is very beneficial to those with families. Balancing work while taking care of your family is something that a majority of the population is going through, and if your employer has resources and benefits like these, then it can be easier.