Ticketmaster Crashes as Taylor Swift Tour Reaches Record-Breaking Sales


Elena Moore, Student Writer

Taylor Swift’s new ‘The Eras Tour,’ will sweep stadiums across the U.S. and internationally soon after. This tour will include Taylor’s musical journey throughout the years of her singing career. Pre-ordered tickets went on sale on November 15, quickly followed by the crash of Ticketmaster’s website. Soon after, tickets were being sold for as high as $22,000. ‘The Eras Tour’ broke Ticketmaster’s all-time record for most tickets sold for an artist in a single day, for more than 2 million purchased tickets. Fans were outraged due to waiting in line for hours on end only to be kicked from the queue and prohibited from buying tickets at all. Taylor took to Instagram to express her frustration, saying that she will not be making excuses for Ticketmaster, because she “asked them, multiple times, if they could handle this kind of demand and were assured that they could.” Ticketmaster apologized to Swift and her fans on Twitter, stating that, “based on the volume of traffic to our site, Taylor would need to perform over 900 stadium shows…that’s a stadium show every single night for the next 2.5 years. While it’s impossible for everyone to get tickets to these shows, we know we can do more to improve the experience and that’s what we’re focused on.” People however were not satisfied with their response, and many are coming forth with the assertion that Ticketmaster is a monopoly and should be broken up.