This Holiday Season – Opinion Piece

Dominic Martinez, Student Writer

For the better part of 2022 the Coronavirus and subsequent Monkeypox virus have been put in the back of America’s minds as life goes on with the occasional headline inciting small traces of anxiety in the public mind. As we approach the holiday season it could be asked among each other in the family at the dinner table how have we changed and how have we remained the same throughout this period of our lives? The answer will be debated for decades following the 20’s as more tensions rise globally with the war in Ukraine and several other inevitable examples of how humanity cannot keep their fingers off the self-destruct button. While you could argue that humanity is resilient and Covid-19 is just a simple case of how we overcame an obstacle together, is that really the case? This entire thing has been detrimental to everyone’s mental health, most living feeling a metaphorical anvil hang over our heads. So what can we do about it? Simply nothing but prepare for the worst. This holiday season covid, monkeypox, flu, and any other respiratory illness will spike up as travelers exchange germs and bacteria over Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Global tensions will rise to a boiling point of war between powerful men and their appetite for destruction and profit from other’s suffering. So just be ready for the next step we take towards the inevitable consequences for our failure to make things better. We have heard so much everyday about so many people’s deaths, so many families destroyed, and we still cannot help but live in our own self-centeredness. Something needs to be done. The worlds leader’s egos need to be broken because the world is at stake and those who want to destroy it are winning, and won’t change if people remain silent and blind to this.