“God of War” is Back

Sony Playstation, Santa Monica Studios

Dominic Martinez, Student Writer

The long anticipated follow-up action mythology game in the “God of War” franchise is here with “God of War: Ragnarök”, released November 8th by Sony Playstation and Santa Monica Studios. As exciting and brutal the gameplay of “God of War” is known for, what should not be overlooked is the storyline in which stoic Spartan warrior Kratos, the titular “God of War”, has moved on from his bloody misadventures with the Ancient Greek Gods and has traveled now to the world of Norse Mythology, turning a new leaf for his character as father to Atreus, a young boy who serves as Kratos’ moral compass. The game takes place several years after the events of God of War (2018), further developing Kratos’ journey into becoming the acting catalyst for Ragnarök, a prophetic world-ending event of biblical proportions. While you do not have to have played the previous “God of War” games to enjoy this one, a large part of Kratos’ character development is to understand the hardships he has faced and his motivations to teach his son how to survive in this unforgiving world of the Nine Realms. Veteran players of the original “God of War” series criticize the 2018 reboot for “watering down” the typical Spartan rage of Kratos and making him “too soft” of a character. I however disagree with this as a game series running as long as “God of War” has would be better if it explored new themes and motivations for the protagonist. Alongside the amazing character development, the new world that the games take place in going from Greek to Norse mythology is expansive and interactive with challenging side-bosses and interesting missions to further upgrade the strength of your character. “God of War: Ragnarök” is possibly the final game in the franchise, leaving many fans of the series hoping time will tell the cementation of “God of War”‘s legacy as Sony Playstation’s greatest game series.