Invest in yourself, Join “Unidos US Avanzando Through College”

Ashley Pena, Student writer

AP Newsroom, Business Wire

If you were given the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge while working next to your peers, would you take it? Well, surprise! You already did! You’re enrolled in HCC college right now, which is one of the most important steps. The next step to take is going to be a question that you must answer. Are you willing to join a program that wants to award you a scholarship for building up skills that will help you succeed in college? I am here to let all the HCC Latinx (Latino/Hispanics) know that this is your sign to join the new program called, Unidos US Avanzando Through College.

This program started in the beginning of October of 2022 and will go on for 10 weeks through both the spring and fall semesters. I reached out to the person facilitating this awesome program, Ms. Virginia Ramos, an HCC advisor, and asked her some questions that you all should know in case you were still deciding why you should join.

Here were her responses to those questions. Is there still time to join? “There is still time to join UnidosUS. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new students and learn about college life.  I would like more of our students to join.”

Is there a message you would like to share with HCC Latinx (Latino/Hispanic) students thinking about joining the program? “The most important message I have for the Latino or Latina or Hispanic community is to believe that we are strong people.  The United States is our wonderful home, and we need more leaders to show how caring, intelligent, and hard workers we are.”

Do you have any advice or a quote you would like to share with the students?  “One of the most important phrases from Unidos US Avanzando Through College comes from the CEO Janet Murguia, “When we invest in the success of Latino students, we are investing in the future of our country.  These are very true words.”

After reading this I hope it inspires you to reach out to Ms. Ramos and email her at [email protected] to find out when you can start participating in this program designed to help Latinx, Hispanic college students succeed. Think about it this way, join the program not only to help yourself but the Latinx (Latino/Hispanics) community around you because everything we do has an impact on the world.