HCC Works with Empowerment High School with new Dual Credit Program

Alissa Krecek, Student Writer

Houston Community College is now involved with Empowerment High School to allow students to get their associate degree, while still in high school.

The 39 students registered for the program for the fall semester of 2022 at the high school are going to be able to have admission at HCC, while still getting their high school diploma. By the time they graduate high school, they will have 60 hours of college credits. This will allow them to either go to a 4-year college or go straight into their career.

Empowerment High School is the first school of Southwest Schools to have this dual credit program.

Southwest Schools is a small district of charter schools that are all located in Houston. HCC and Southwest schools have been working together for 19 years and are now paving the path toward an Early College Academy.

Charter schools are a great way to take classes that caters to the student’s interests, so incorporating the dual credit program fits in perfectly with their educational principles.

With a total enrollment of 346 students, the school’s small size allows them to be more personable with each student and have mentorships to help them lead to success.

Not only will it be a great financial option, but it can also help provide direction for students who may not be confident in their career path. They can find what they are passionate about while still in high school and get a head start on deciding what career speaks to them. It is a great way for students to get ahead and get the most out of their education.

Empowerment High School is paving the way for other Southwest Schools, and maybe even other schools in the Houston area.