Critique on “Reboot” the TV Series

Alissa Krecek, Student Writer

Hulu recently released an original TV series called “Reboot” starring Keegan Michael-Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, Calum Worthy, and Rachel Bloom.

Rachel Bloom’s character, Hannah, wants to reboot an old show called “Step Right Up” with the original cast. The initial show was like any other cheesy sitcom produced back then, and now is being turned into a more modern and realistic sitcom.

At first, I was hesitant on watching it because reboots are continuously being done, as people have fewer unique ideas in the film industry. However, the creator of the show, Steven Levitan, addressed this issue and is pushing the idea of a more modern style of comedy. Levitan emphasizes that what was funny back then, doesn’t have the same humorous effect on audiences today. This is seen when the main character, Hannah, adds new problems to the plot of the original show which makes it more genuine and less cliché. The improved “Step Right Up” still has a goal to make people laugh but is changed to make a point that not everything works out as planned. I think that this message in the show is inspiring for young filmmakers who want to go into TV production. It encourages new ideas to be brought into the industry and breaks the pattern of making reboots as an easy profit.

The main show surrounding the one being recreated is a lighthearted sitcom with a touch of some more serious conflicts between the actors with each other, or in their personal life. The creators are keeping up with the theme of keeping it frank, so each of the characters’ stories is interesting and unique. Each of their personalities helps embellish the show and adds to the drama and comedic situations throughout each episode.

“Reboot” is a great show to binge when you need to reboot your mood. Although there are only 4 episodes released so far, each one adds to the plot and is forming a story worth watching.