School During the Pandemic and What Will Come After

Tatiana Brophy

I had an interview with Charles Taylor and asked him about his goals and any bumps in the road he may have faced while trying to obtain his goals.

What is your major?

” My major is mass media/communications. I have had a passion to someday work in the media even since childhood.”

What struggles did you face while attending HCC?

” Struggles that I faced was the ongoing issues and uncertainty of the global pandemic. Trying to study and maintain good grades while at the the same time, dealing with the consequences of said pandemic.”

While this is a very valid struggle, Mr. Taylor was able to persevere despite all odds. Charles says,” I stayed positive, focused, and determined no matter the situation, I was going to stay on track and do well in school.”

Are you excited or nervous for graduation?

” I am both nervous and excited for graduation, but more so excited because the hard work I put into obtaining my Associates Degree will finally pay off. It will be so rewarding to have my family and friends witness and celebrate my hard work and dedication with me.”

What are your plans after graduation?

” After graduation my goal is to work in the media industry as either a radio personality or a voiceover talent at a television station. However, my most current goal after graduating would ne to host an online radio show where there is no one genre of music played.”

Charles Taylor has worked hard and is looking forward to seeing his hard work pay off at and after graduation, good luck to him.