Attack on Titan Recap: Ep 83 “Pride”

If you’re a dub watcher like myself, you’re doing everything in your power to avoid Attack on Titan spoilers. With the English dub being over a month behind schedule and the OG Japanese version being finished, the internet is a minefield if your algorithm hears you utter the word “anime”. With that being said, it goes without saying that there are major spoilers ahead for the final season.

We open up with Hange sniping unsuspecting Jaegerists from a treeline as a tear rolls down her cheek. She’s killing her former homies, so who wouldn’t cry? It’s been revealed that Levi is still alive after taking a thunderspear explosion at point-blank range. What is this man made of? We see Hange’s perspective of Eren’s message to all subjects of Ymir and then she has a short conversation with Levi after he finally wakes up. He’s missing fingers, half alive, and still wants to give Zeke all the smoke. Typical Levi. Hange and Levi aren’t out of the woods just yet though. They run into Pieck and MacGath of Marley and form an alliance in pursuit of a common enemy; Zeke Jaeger. Zeke was Marley’s best asset to conquer Paradis but he had his own plans.

Connie and Falco are outside the walls in pursuit of a “hospital” but in reality, Connie is taking Falco to Ragako Village to feed him to his mother. You know, just titan things. His mom has been stuck in titan form for years and Connie wants to finally set her free by feeding Falco to her; turning her back to a human with the power of the Jaw Titan. When they finally arrive, Connie is interrupted by Armin and Gabi who’ve been hot on their trail, understandably so. Armin thinks that giving Falco back to Marley will be the final nail in the coffin to bring peace between what’s left of Marley and our Eldian heroes. Just as Connie is about to feed Falco to his mom, Armin jumps towards her mouth instead, causing Connie to drop Falco and save his childhood friend. Connie realizes what his life of soldiering has come to (feeding a child to a titan), and vows to live a life his mother would be proud of.

Armin, Connie, Falco, and Gabi are now breaking bread at a celebration for Jaegerists outside the walls and run into their biggest foe from season one. None other than Annie Leonhardt. They can’t believe their eyes as Connie busts into a fit of laughter seeing her stuff her face with pie. I don’t blame him. The last time they saw her in action, she was fighting Eren to the death! After all those years of being in her captive hardening shell, she’s now submissively eating pie in desperation. When Hitch returns to the table, she realizes from a note left behind that Annie has taken off with Armin and the gang. Poor Hitch. She just wants quality time with her old bestie and gets ghosted.

We cut to a scene of Yelena and Onyankopon on the chopping block at the hands of Floch and Jean. They have guns pointed at the backs of their heads but we know where this is going. Jean isn’t about to let them be executed. He’s one of the good guys! As Jaegerists cheer for their execution, the scene is interrupted by Pieck as she scoops Jean, Yelena, and Onyankopon into her mouth while Floch gets left behind. Remember that alliance that Hange and Levi created with Pieck and MacGath? Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.

Turns out that all of our heavy hitters from Paradis and Marley have formed some kind of alliance for the time being in pursuit of a common goal and we see Reiner get woken up from his post-battle slumber by the gang. The episode ends there and in typical Attack on Titan fashion, we’re left with more questions than answers. Where is Eren? Is he really going to destroy humanity for the sake of Paradis? Are the scouts willing to kill him if it comes to that? Does Eren have a secret plan that only he knows? I guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out.