March Madness

Alyssa Freeman


March madness is always the highlight of March for NCAA D1 sports. If you are not familiar with, what March madness is it is the gathering of teams across the country who have made the top 64 picks in college basketball. As a former college athlete who played basketball, March madness is definitely one of my favorite times of the year! There is so much excitement, thrilling moments, upsets, and of course the jackpot of being the fortunate person who guessed the winner!

When you think of the term March madness you really have to dive in deep because the month of March is definitely full of madness for both men and women’s basketball. You never know what team is going to pull the upset, or what team is even going to make the top 64 and then follow with the Sweet 16, the elite eight, the final four, and of course the championship. Basketball is such a dominant sport and can be won by so many underdogs or by so many teams with multiple titles. It is always a thrilling experience to watch the games on TV or even in person.

It was definitely exciting moment for my boyfriend and my brother and me to watch the Houston cougars win the American athletic conference to place as a higher seed for the start of March madness. The Houston cougars played Memphis for the title and watched either team play they are both quite good. It was definitely a neck and neck game, but of course the Houston cougars stayed strong and came out with the win.

I don’t think people understand how crazy basketball can really be, but just one day of watching college basketball on TV will help break down and experience like no other. So many people place bets, make tournament brackets, and have their team picked out ready to go. Sometimes there is quite disappointing moments, while there are other highlighted and rewarding moments not only for the teams, but of course the people cheering for the game or just fans from miles away.

Fans for March madness are just as crazy as the games too. They will literally fly or drive so many plus miles just to cheer on their teams. The love they have for their school is unbreakable, and the wins and losses will literally make or break them just as it does those teams.

I am excited to see how the rest of March madness goes, seeing as though multiple teams I’ve picked to be the underdog I’ve come out on top thus far and some of the teams that I have picked to come out on top have continued to play their game and have continued winning. It’s going to be an exciting next couple of weeks but determining the winner at this point is rather hard. March madness definitely is the highlight of every basketball season, and I hope those who haven’t been able to be a part of it whether it’s as a player or a fan soon join in on the fun.