Balancing the Life of College Athlete

Balancing the Life of College Athlete

College is already a very crazy, fun, and exhilarating place. Just imagine being a college athlete while also working and going to school full-time all the while pursuing a sport you love. While talking to Jaquez Lyons, a senior at Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas, I wanted to get further insight on an everyday life for him during the fall and spring semester. Spring semester is especially basketball’s busiest semester due to more games, more practices, less breaks, and of course balancing school and possibly even a job.

I asked Jaquez to explain in detail what it is like for him on a week-to-week basis for his busy schedule. He had answered with a couple laughs saying, “I wake up, do a daily morning routine, go to work on campus, from there I go to my first set of classes. I’ll go to the caf, some days are better than others, and then from there I go straight to the trainer to get taped or treatment. Practices usually last around 2-3 hours including film but can vary depending on what we’re working on that day. Once practice is done, I’ll get some ice and head back to the caf to grab dinner. Then I’ll usually do homework and rest in my dorm until I go to bed and do it all over again the next day.”

As you may notice, Jaquez has a rather busy schedule in which his social time and even rest time can be very limited. But I mean hey, if you’re doing all of this, and more, all just to get a degree and of course play the sport you love it must be worth it.
I did get eager, though, in asking him about challenges he may face while working so hard in and out of the classroom, balancing school, an on-campus job, and of course basketball. Jaquez was definitely quick and precise with his response in saying that, “It can be a little hard with balancing everything due to time management and making sure I have everything planned accordingly for my schedule. Definitely the lack of sleep will catch up with you just because of the constant schedule I have as a student athlete. And also, trying to maintain a solid, everyday social life with friends, family, and my peers through each day.”

Being a former college student athlete, I definitely understand and relate to him entirely. It is not easy balancing your social life, getting the right amount of sleep, and of course time managing your schedule when you’re on a strict, time limited schedule every day. Some days are definitely longer than others, and of course we live for the shorter days where we can socialize more, sleep more, and eat a whole meal without feeling rushed to get to our next class, treatment, or just practice itself. This also includes the amount of travel college athletes do as well. The extra homework you have to travel with, along with your practice and gameday gear.

I was definitely excited to talk with Jaquez about his day-to-day schedule as a college student athlete, especially with it being March Madness this month as well! I look forward to watching him continue his basketball career along with his education. I know he is going to do big things not only for himself, but for his family too!