Tensions Rise between the Ukraine and Russia- What Does This Mean for the United States?

Since 2014 there has been major conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, primarily due to Russia upping their military build up at the Russian/Ukrainian border. Since late 2021 to early 2022, the tensions have only risen between the two, with Putin hoping to invade the Ukraine. If an invasion happens, it has high potential to spill out into surrounding countries, some of which are part of NATO.

NATO and Russia have both been apart of the Partnership for Peace program since 1994, however if Russia ends up attacking a NATO member, the U.S. has a duty to get involved. The Biden administration has already placed sanctions on Russia in response to the growing tensions between the Ukraine and Russia.

In response to the sanctions the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said,” Russia will target “sensitive” US assets as retaliation.” No specifics were detailed on how or what they would target. The leading theory seems to be Russia committing cyber attacks, which doesn’t sound far off after the hacking scandal back in 2016. Russia has made similar threats to the United States in the past with no follow through.

Only time will tell where these tensions will lead, but one thing is for certain. Joe Biden has explicitly stated that the United States military will not get involved unless a direct attack or threat is imposed on the American people.